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Location: situated in the southern coastal area of Guangdong Province; between north latitude 22o27'- 22o52', east longitude, 113o46'- 114o37', 160 kilometers away from Guangzhou, 35 kilometers from Hong Kong and Jiulong; Dapeng Gulf to the east, the influx of the Pearl River west, Hong Kong south, Dongguan and Huizhou cities north

Neighboring Areas: Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, and Hainan Provinces; Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hong Kong and Macao

Physical Features: facing the sea and surrounded by mountains; higher in southeast, lower in northwest; mainly covered by hills with plains in its western area

Population: 1.09 million
Area: 20,20 sq km

Nationalities: Han, Hui, and Manchu

History: a history of 6,000 years; used to be a stationed place when Baiyue Tribe going to sea in ancient times; an important hub of water and land trade in Southern China; also a salt origin and famous for its perfume

Climatic Features: subtropical maritime climate; annual average sunshine of 2,120 hours

Average Temperature: annual average temperature of 22.4oC; with the highest temperature of 36.6oC and the lowest of 1.4oC
Rainfall: annual average of 1,948 mm

Mountains: Wutong Hill, Yangtai Hill, Nanshan Hill

Rivers: Dasha River, Guanlan River, Pingdi River, Buji River; Xili Lake, Yinhu Lake, Xiangmi Lake

Local Highlights: Longgang Sanhuang Chicken, Nantou Lichee, Nanshan Peach, Shiyan Pear, Jingui Orange, Longhua Square Persimmon, dragon-dances, lion-dances and steed-dances

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